‘A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit’ To put it in words- You spend years at the school campus but what you take with you from an institution is its legacy. We are extremely ecstatic as our Second Passing Out Batch steps towards a new journey with an aim to set up new benchmarks in their domains. Alumni can play an active role in conducting voluntary programs for the existing students which can include mentoring sessions as well as organizing industry connect sessions. This will be a sign of gratitude and affinity towards their institution. Thus, due importance is being given to Alumni Connect. We wish our Alumni the new heights of perfection by accurate manifestation of talent and making a niche. We aspire to stay connected with our alumni and build a strong and everlasting association that proves fruitful for the Vedanta Community and society as a whole.
Alumni are those sparkles that illuminate and carry forward the legacy of an institution.

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Campus Life

“A learning environment that inspires and motivates limitless possibilities” Bustling with activity, excitement, and life, Vedanta’s Campus Life defines the rewarding experience that it gives to each and every child. Coupled with various collaborative learning initiatives, cultural activities and sports students undergo a complete physical, mental and emotional development. Refreshing souls and renewing spirits, the day at Vedanta starts with embracing oneself and remembering the ultimate power that drives the world. Basking in the warmth of the campus atmosphere, young minds of Vedanta spend their day indulged in academics, sports, music, life skill activities, AI & Robotics activities, theatre, hands-on exposure in STEM lab, and much more. The lunch break at Vedanta is not a usual one- rather it’s something cool with the super hygienic Food Truck around, offering palatable and sumptuous food options that keep the spirits of our children going. This way, not just students are engaged in something exciting but they also learn some essential life skills. Moreover, food truck breaks the monotony of the usual lunch breaks.

Student Welfare Committee

Anti Bullying Committee

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour observed in school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.Bullying has severe detrimental effects on those who are bullied. The effects can be immediate or last long and can cause lifelong trauma.TVA has zero tolerance policy against bullying. The ABC deals with incidents related to bullying in school. The committee is empowered to recommend appropriate measures to deal with concerns related to “bullying.”

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

As mandated by the Honourable Supreme Court of India and CBSE instructions vide CBSE/Admn.I/14(6)/2004 dated February 16, 2004 on Sexual Harassment of Women and Students at workplace in the institutions, the following committee is constituted to enquire into the complaints received against a staff member on the above subject.

Pocso Committee

The child abuse monitoring committee (CAMC) is formed to protect children from sexual offences act (POCSO ACT) 2012.

Special Education Cell

Keeping the needs of every child in consideration, the Special Education Cell at Vedanta Academy prioritizes enjoyment of education by special children. Our Special Education Cell has adopted pedagogy that ensures to meet the needs of the students with determination, thereby promoting a highly inclusive ethos. We help children with special educational needs in developing skills and independence using various inclusive teaching practices. We actively seek to empower and maximize the participation and integration of students with determination to work towards removing any barriers, thus, ensuring equal opportunities for them as well. We provide appropriate Graduated Systems of Support and intervention for these students to make sure that there is complete educational and social inclusion. Multi-sensory learning materials have been designed to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning processes. Curricular and co-curricular activities have been included in the curriculum with special emphasis on inclusion. In addition to this, life skills, behaviour modification, and activities that enhance a child’s self-esteem are an essential part of the curriculum. We make sure that the students in the Special Education Cell get equal opportunities to showcase their skills and are also rewarded for the same in order to boost their confidence. Key Support Areas at Vedanta Special Education Cell

❖ Children are assessed to determine their strengths and challenges.

❖ Remedial sessions for students of determination based on the individual educational needs.

❖ Regular counselling of students to express themselves, develop confidence, learn strategies to handle peer pressure and enhance emotional regulation.

❖ Regular reviews and meetings with parents to track their progress both academic and behavioural.

❖ Empowering and counseling parents on their child’s strengths and challenges and helping them support their child effectively.

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