Curriculum Areas at Preprimary Level (PP II /PP III):
The Pre Primary curriculum is built upon the three goals which cater to all the domains of development. They include:

Goal 1: Children maintain good health and wellbeing.
Goal 2: Children become effective communicators.
Goal 3: Children are involved learners and connect with their immediate environment.

Appropriate pedagogical processes are used by the teachers to transact the curriculum in such a way that children construct their learning by exploration, investigation, problem solving and critical thinking and thus, achieve the specified learning outcomes. Early Learning Outcomes are the expectations for the learning and development of young children. It defines what children should know and be able to do at the end of a year. Teachers align instructions and opportunities for play, exploration, discovery, and problem-solving in order to achieve the learning outcomes.

Primary School

Curriculum Areas at Primary Level (I – V):
The Primary curriculum is built to acquire the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in an integrated manner and develop interpersonal communication skills. The students are enabled to attain basic proficiency like developing the ability to express one's thoughts orally and in writing in a meaningful way in English. They are encouraged and made able to interpret/understand instructions and polite forms of expression & respond meaningfully both orally & in writing. Children develop reference skills both in printed & electronic mode as they acquire a varied range of vocabulary; understand increased complexity of sentence structures both in reading and writing. They are able to express an awareness of social and environmental issues. Their ability to read & interpret the texts in different contexts-both verbal & pictorial mode critically is enhanced.

Middle School

Curriculum Areas at Middle School Level (VI – VIII):
The Curricular expectations of Middle School include acquisition of the ability to listen and respond orally and in writing. The student learns to speak about self, simple experiences; report events to peers, accurately and appropriately make connections and draw inferences. They learn to recite poems, dialogues; speak and write language chunks (phrases, sentences from stories, plays, speeches, etc.). Students learn to understand the central idea and locate details in the text (familiar and unfamiliar).They start to use their critical/thinking faculty to read between the lines and go beyond the text. Students learn to comprehend and use the form and functions of grammar in context and learn to write coherently and with a sense of audience ( formal and informal) .Children try to write simple messages, invitations, short paragraphs, letter (formal and informal), applications, personal diary, dialogue from story and story from a dialogue / conversation in English. Students are engaged in creative writing e.g. composition of poems, jokes, short stories, etc. as they develop sensitivity towards their culture and heritage, aspects of contemporary life, gender, and social inequality.

Secondary School

Curriculum Areas at Secondary Level -Scheme of Studies (IX – X):
Subjects to be Offered: Class IX and X is a composite course. Students therefore should take only those subjects in Class IX which they intend to continue in class-X. Subjects can be offered as under:

SUBJECT Names of the Subjects Group
Compulsory Subjects 1 Language 1 (Hindi-Course A or Hindi-Course B or
English Language and Literature)
Group - L
Subjects 2 Language II (Any one from the Group of Languages
(Group-L) other than the Language chosen as Subject 1)
Group - L
Subjects 3 Mathematics - Basic or Mathematics Standard Group - Al
Subjects 4 Science
Subjects 5 Social Science
Optional Subject 6 Skill Subject Group - 5
Subject 7 Language III / Any subject other than opted above Group L Group-A2
Subjects of Subjects 8 and 9 Art Education
Assessment and
Certification at
Health & Physical Education
Work Experience

Senior Secondary School

Curriculum Areas at Senior Secondary Level - Scheme of Studies (XI-XII):
Class XI and XII is a composite course. Studies need to take only those subjects in class XI which he/she intends to continue in class-XII. Students can offer a minimum of 5 or more subjects in class XI. They need to continue the same subjects in class XII.Combination of Subjects can be offered as under:

Subject Name of Subjects
Compulsory Subject 1 Hindi Elective or Hindi Core or English Elective or English Core
Subject 2 Any one Language from Group - L not opted as Subject 1 OR Any one Elective from Group - A
Subject 3, Subject 4 &
Subject 5 or s
Any three electives either from Group - A Or Group – 5 or s OR Any three from Combination of
Group - A and Group – 5 or s (check)
Additional Subject Optional Subject 6 Any one elective or Language from any subject group not opted as subjects 1-5
Subjects of Internal Assessment Subject 7 to 9 (to be taken
by all Regular Candidates)
*Work Experience Health and Physical
Education, General Studies
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