Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities help in widening the social circle of students, expand their interests and build leadership skills, thus, promising long-term outcomes that are visible in one’s personality. At Vedanta Academy, students are given a myriad of choices to gain real-world experience and link their academic knowledge to these activities. These activities include Sports, community service activities, hobbies, educational clubs, and art, which complement the academic curriculum.

Activities organized under this segment to help students maintain their physical and mental strength include Karate, Silambam, Taekwondo, Cricket, Chess, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Western Dance, Keyboard and Art Activities.

Sports - Beyond Academics

Sports are an integral part of the development in a student’s life. It’s a gateway for students to gain life skills while displaying their physical acumen on the ground. Qualities like teamwork and cooperation are instilled in the students as they start spending time on the ground along with other students. At Vedanta, we have a strong amalgamation of academic and sports curriculum delivered beautifully at the campus by expert faculty and coaches.

The two-acre playground does not just facilitate sports activities, but rather brings out the life in each and every child. Excellent facilities for cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and athletics help students inculcate the qualities of team spirit, sportsmanship, friendliness, problem solving, patience and acceptance of failure as well. The impressive sports facilities at Vedanta ensure the overall growth of the children. There is a designated space for indoor and outdoor sports activities.

We have collaborated with renowned sports academies to ensure that our students are trained under the best, preparing them for National and International level competitions using state-of-the-art facilities.

Special attention is given to Physical Education of students in which along with Sports, Martial Arts, Yoga, Scouts & Guides, NCC and many other activities are included.

Our students have been constantly excelling at regional and national levels and are inscribing their names among the top sportspersons.

Theatre & Story Creation

The ‘Theatre in Education’ program offered by Crea-Shakthi facilitates holistic learning in school students using theatre and allied arts, through regular classes in the school timetable. This in-curriculum program works towards inculcating values in students, not just language skills but also social and cognitive skills that are relevant to the current needs of the real world. Through the highly experiential and activity-oriented classes, students are enabled to pick up skills related to basic stage craft and theory, script writing and appreciation, body language, public speaking, presence on stage, and voice clarity, among others.

Crea-Shakthi is a ten-year-old theatre institution, primarily operating from Chennai, committed to the cause of taking the craft to the next generation, with special focus on the training and skill development of learners ranging from ages 8 to 25.

The students learn to perceive things in an innovative way that amuses them which has led to a huge mindset change towards theatre.

AI & Robotics (STEAM)

AI is an integral part of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, Arts and math) education, which teaches children 21st century skills they need for the future. In addition to coding, children learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills, collaboration, and resiliency—skills that are needed in any profession they decide to pursue. Vedanta Academy never fails to provide an opportunity to the young minds.The benefits are unlimited. Our children are AI users and will be its originators tomorrow. By giving them a foundation in AI, they can ensure that this technology is used to benefit society and our world.

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