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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”

-William Arthur Ward

Vedanta Academy is looking for great teachers who can inspire, ignite and kindle the love for learning in children. Qualified and trained teachers with minimum 5 years’ experience can apply. If you would like to join the Vedanta Family and grow with us, send in your resume to or apply online.

““Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.” I as an English teacher and a coordinator feel blessed to be a part of Vedanta Academy family where the school functions as a nurturing community in which students are respected as unique individuals created in the image of God, each having special abilities and needs. They are taught by skilled and knowledgeable teachers who love children and are dedicated to helping them realize their greatest potential. I also take this opportunity to thank the Management and parents of our students for having bestowed their faith and confidence in us. Your faith in us is our driving force. I would like to end with the words of Albert Einstein – “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines all that we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.””
Arokia Rani Pandian


The Vedanta Academy

““Believing that all children are uniquely gifted, Vedanta Academy has been serving children to enliven within a loving community, inspire curiosity, and to educate and encourage a positive self-image and an "I can!" attitude. As a Primary Coordinator I believe that Vedanta is the second home for every child who enters its gates, a temple of learning, a centre of excellence – a place where children are nurtured with culture, heritage & tradition while developing the qualities and strength of each child. It engages with the needs and interests of the modern society in coherence with the intrinsic spiritual and moral values.””
Mrs Geetha M

Primary Coordinator

The Vedanta Academy

““It gives me immense pleasure and feel wonderful to be a part of the VEDANTA Family and serve as Pre-Primary Head. The main objective is to honour parent’s trust that we will nurture their child and give them quality care, to regularly observe and plan for each child’s progress. Our talented team of teachers create a fostering environment where the children are confident to interact with others and express themselves. An integrated course of kindergarten and Montessori is offered where the child gets benefit from both the ends. By intentionally educating the whole child, we guide our children by encouraging them to be lifelong learners. It is always a pleasure to join with students, teachers and parents; together we can reflect on our successes ””

Pre Primary Coordinator

The Vedanta Academy

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