Spacious 600 sq.ft Air conditioned classroom with Interactive Smart class in place of traditional white boards to enhance ambience for learning. Technology is integrated in every classroom with TATA Class edge curriculum to help students get the concepts better.


Laboratories provide hands on experience to students and are great learning places. Children learn small science experiments which kindle their interest to understand science concepts better.

Science Lab

1206 Sq.ft individual Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs for students with all in built facilities to accommodate 60 students at a time. The space provides freedom for teacher demonstrations, student laboratory activities, student discussion, and safe storage space for supplies.

Computer Science Lab

Computer science offered in our school can tap student’s interest in technology and helping them become techno innovators. The Wifi connected latest computer lab with individual computers for every student helps the children to have hands on practical and achieve their goals..

Math Lab

Well designed Math Lab for children to understand the math concepts better and clear. Students explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different tools. These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the student to explore, learn, stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards Mathematics. More than 200 models are available in various branches of Mathematics like Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic etc. which are of great help to students from K.G to class X.


A well stacked library with more than 3500 books and periodicals is a boon for the students studying at Vedanta Academy. They also access the on line resources that are available. The school library is open to all students of the school. Students are privileged to have access to a quiet and comfortable Reading Corner where the students can relax and engage with a book of their choice.

Play Area

Tiny tots enjoy a separate a play pen with sand pit area to improve their gross and fine motor skills. The other class children enjoy a vast outdoor play area where cricket, football, basketball, throw ball, volley ball and athletics are trained. Indoor play area include Shuttle cork, table tennis, chess and carom.

Apollo Infirmary

Immediate medical attention is given to the students by Apollo Infirmary run by Apollo Hospitals.Nursing officer stationed in school during working hours take care of medical needs of students.

Art Studio

Art and Craft is given due importance to widen the creativity and imagination of students. An infrastructure that kindles the creativity and imagination in children is provided for the benefit of students.

Music Room

The music department is a vibrant, enthusiastic and friendly place to be. It offers a great balance between curriculum and vocal and instrumental based learning. It combines music education of the highest standard with innovative approaches to music technology..

Multi Purpose Hall

Children assemble in the Multi purpose Hall for celebrations,events and all other activities which require space. A 2000sq ft spacious hall provides the flexibility for all programs..

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  • Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Library
  • Play Area
  • Apollo Infirmary
  • Art Studio
  • Music Room
  • Multi Purpose Hall
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