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Clubs provide platforms for expression, creativity and dexterity with conscientiousness. Students are encouraged to participate as these clubs provide them with opportunities for team work and individual achievement and above all sportsmanship. Students at Vedanta are allowed to choose from various clubs and they emerge as emotionally secure and confident persons. The clubs offered to students are Music Club , Dance Club, Skating Club, Karate Club, Chess Club, Cricket Club , Art Club, Young Scientist Club, Literary Club and Farming Club.

Music Club

Music club provides platform for students interested to learn and showcase their talent in vocal and instrumental music. Our association with Rhapsody gives them opportunity to learn different genre of music.

Dance Club

Dance club provide opportunity to perfect their interest in dancing and teach the nuances, aesthetics and performance. Children also learn to collaborate and work as teams.

Young Scientist Club

This club is introduced to ignite the scientific fervor in children. Young Scientist club develops observational skills, curiosity, logic, creativity and objectivity.

Farming Club

Farming Club introduces children to the basics of agriculture. They learn the techniques of creating the soil bed for crops, growing different types of plants, watering and harvesting them.

Literary Club

Literary club train and motivate children to express themselves through poetry, drama and prose. Competitions are conducted for students in different languages to develop their public speaking skills.

Art Club

Art Club kindles the creativity and imagination of students. Students are trained to express themselves in different art forms like drawing, painting, designing and photography.

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