We respect every child and young person as an individual, and we aim to give them opportunities to explore and realise their potential in the development of academic, sporting creative and social skills.

Our Dream

The vision and mission of Vedanta Academy is to build and nurture a better way to learn. A way that brings out the best in a child, without causing undue pressure or pain.

Founder and Chairman

Shri K Ramadoss - Civil engineer by profession had a dream of building a great society, which could be possible only through education. 17 years ago he started an engineering college and the children who entered college had their own ideologies and habits which had concretized.

With lot of cultural and social intrusions in the present generation, he felt the need of starting a school that could mould a child who had the core values intact and could imbibe the qualities of becoming thinking individuals and great human beings.

This instigated him to build a school that was very different from the routine ones we come across. A child from his School “Vedanta Academy” should be Innovators, Risk takers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders who could make a difference in the society.

From the desk of Chairman
“A learning environment that inspires and motivates limitless possibilities”

Every child is born with innate talents and skills. It takes a healthy and nurturing atmosphere to inculcate holistic development in children as it is important for them to show growth cognitively and spiritually. What sets Vedanta apart is the promise of not only producing state toppers but also national champion sportsmen, artists, achievers and dreamers.

With caring committed teachers, the pillars of Vedanta, children are taught the value of etiquette. A good teacher is one who never stops learning. At Vedanta, the teachers constantly update themselves with new information and believe in leaving no stone unturned.

Governing Council

Mr Sundeep – Director

Young and energetic administrator Mr Sundeep is the Director of the school. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from London, UK and a B.Com degree from Loyola College, Chennai. He has ample experience in financial management and has worked with a few renowned organizations in the field of finance.

He connects with the world and collaborates with others to ensure that the best decisions are made. His inclination towards technology has promoted the school to embrace the best of technology into the classroom and beyond.

Dr SatishKumar - Member Governing Council

A doctor by profession, Dr Satish understands the children and their psyche. He holds an MBBS degree , Dip in Sonography and an experience of more than 15 years.

His interest in the field of education instigated him to open a playschool and run it very successfully. He presents a positive, pro-active and caring approach. His expertise and guidance help the school to understand the needs of students better and implement best practices for the benefit of students.

Dr Divya Satish - Member Governing Council

Associate professor in computer science department of an engineering college ,
Dr Divya holds a master’s degree in engineering and doctorate in Medical image processing technology. She has been into the field of teaching for the past 10 years. She displays genuine commitment and her rich experience in the field of education has helped to implement best practices in school and classrooms .

Jasti Swapna - Member Governing Council

A very creative and resourceful person with keen interest in interior designing, Jasti Swapna actively involves in facilitating Technic education in Hyderabad. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and has been a part of various educational initiatives. She involves in the administration of the school and takes keen interest in establishing advanced labs for the institution.


years in the field of education


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature - the assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter.”
Let’s begin the year by thanking God for his blessings during the year 2017-18 where we experienced a tremendous growth and development as an Institution. As Stephen R. Covey has said, "Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny." Therefore, to reap the destiny of each and every student, we at Vedanta Academy believe in making each life count.
At Vedanta, we believe in providing a stress free learning atmosphere, where the students take ownership and responsibility of their efforts and action. We are committed to provide equal opportunities for every child to grow and excel. The curriculum is blended with technology to enrich their knowledge by improving the learning outcomes and enhance learning in the classroom and beyond. The interactive projectors, TATA class edge content are added advantage of the technology enabled classroom. With our competent team of teachers, students will be challenged and engaged through various learning processes that will develop inquiry, creativity, confidence, independence and motivate them to achieve.
This academic year, along with our balanced scholastic and co-scholastic programs, we are giving special emphasis on reading habits. Be it digital or print material, various measures are being adopted to improve the reading habits. Therefore, I request you dear parents to spend at least half an hour every day with your ward and promote the reading habits. Kindly go through the school calendar and adhere to rules and regulations. You are also encouraged to regularly check our school website and read about our exciting academic and co- curricular activities. We need your support and collaboration to groom your ward appropriately in a society that is drastically changing.
I am confident that with continued vigilance and cooperation between home and school we can look forward to the completion of another safe and successful school year 2018-19.

Best Wishes


Our Community


Vedanta Academy believes in creating a safe environment for the students and is one of the top most priorities of the school. The Child Safety Committee (CSC) consisting of Members of the Management, Principal, Teaching, Non-Teaching Staff and Parent representative is formulated to frame policies, safety plans and execute.

Main Objectives of CSC

  1. Develop safety plans
  2. Execute and Review safety plans
  3. Ensure personal safety , Structural safety , community safety
Safety norms followed by the school
  • CCTV Surveillance of the entire campus with 199 CCTV Cameras
  • Escort ID cards provided to Parent/Guardian to pick up children from school
  • Police Verification of the Drivers, Peons and Support Staff
  • Structural safety audit conducted
  • Established procedures for visitors
Members of the Safety Committee
  • Mr.Sundeep vasu, Governing-Council
  • Dr.Divya satish, Governing-Council
  • Dr.SatishKumar, Governing-Council
  • Ms.Pratheepa, Principal
  • Ms.Deepa, P.E. Teacher
  • Ms.Shobhana Dinesh, Teacher
  • Ms.Geetha, Teacher
  • Mr.Rajmohan, P.E.Teacher
  • Ms.Sangavai Nachiyar, P.E. Teacher
  • Mr.Santhosh, Assistant Admin

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