Aug 17

Students fall in love with reading, Dr Eric Miller plays cupid!

It was an honor to have an international personality like Dr.Eric Miller, Director of World Storytelling Institute in our midst who had transcend our students & teachers into a world of fantasy and wonder with his flair for story telling. The American author had shared several thought provoking stories with the children giving them a chance to explore their imagination and paint vivid colourful pictures of the characters in their minds with his knack for tapping their creative brains.

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Aug 04

Road Safety Patrol (RSP) AT Vedanta Academy

“Nothing is of greater importance that the conservation of human life” Vedanta Academy has initiated Road Safety Patrol (RSP) in the school, to inculcate in the students, the importance of following road safety rules, discipline and to teach them to regulate traffic in the school campus.The Annual Induction Ceremony was conducted on 04.08.2018 in the presence of dignitaries Mr Mohan Gandhi, Mr R. Sri Aiyappan (Chennai Traffic Warden) and Mrs Pratheepa R, Principal , Vedanta Academy. The freshly chosen cadets were given badges and were explained about the agenda of RSP. Mr R. Sri Aiyappan gave the students some excellent career guidance tips. Our honourable Principal Madam concluded that without community service we would not have a strong quality of life. Our RSP cadets took an oath to make a difference in people’s lives to lead a safe and sound life.

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Jan 06

Scholastic Book Fair

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written”. Vedanta academy (CBSE) started the New Year with the scholastic Book Fair in its premises inspiring to provide parents, caregivers and educators the tools for children to read outside of their normal school course work. The fair was inaugurated by the Principal, Ms Lakshmi Venkat who motivated the students to read books

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